Overwatch Veteran: The Best Counters for Orisa

Overwatch Veteran: The Best Counters for Orisa

Whether you’re a seasoned Overwatch veteran or just diving into the world of team-based shooters with Overwatch 2. Knowing how to counter specific heroes is crucial for success. In this guide, we’ll explore the top heroes that give Orisa a hard time on the battlefield. From Hanzo’s pesky arrows to Junkrat’s explosive mayhem, each hero on this list brings a unique set of skills that can easily turn the tide against the robotic tank. So, gear up, choose your hero wisely, and let’s dive into the world of countering Orisa in Overwatch 2!

Overwatch Veteran: Hanzo: The Arrow Assassin

Hanzo is the go-to guy when it comes to countering Orisa. His pesky arrows and the game-changing ultimate can easily send Orisa packing from her defense stance. If you’re an Orisa player, beware of the frustration and danger that Hanzo brings to the battlefield.

Overwatch Veteran: Cassidy: Quick and Deadly

Cassidy is another damage hero that Orisa struggles to handle. Orisa’s Terra Surge may take up some time, but the high damage output from a Cassidy player can swiftly put an end to Orisa’s ultimate. Facing Cassidy can be a quick route to victory against Orisa’s defensive tactics.

Junkrat: Ultimate Mayhem

Junkrat’s ultimate is a game-changer against Orisa. Even if Orisa is using her Javelin spin or Fortify, she’s not the best match for Junkrat. If you’re looking for an easy win against Orisa, Junkrat is your guy. His explosive playstyle can lead you and your team to a hassle-free victory against the frustrating Orisa.

Doomfist: The Unstoppable Force

Doomfist’s charge can throw Orisa into major defeat, making him one of the top counters in Overwatch. While encountering Doomfist players might not be an everyday occurrence, when it happens, be prepared for a challenging face-off. Doomfist’s high damage output and the ability to cancel Orisa’s Terra Surge make him a formidable opponent against the robotic tank.

Overwatch Veteran: Zarya: The Unexpected Threat

Zarya might not be the first choice for many, but a skilled Zarya player can send Orisa back to respawn in no time. Zarya’s high-damage heavy weapon can easily dismantle Orisa’s defense attempts. When Zarya deploys her ultimate, saying goodbye to victory might be in order, as she swiftly shreds through an Orisa player without adequate support. If you find yourself against Zarya, having a reliable Mercy player by your side can make all the difference in pushing her out of your way.

Final Thoughts

Orisa, with her defensive tactics, can be a formidable enemy on the battlefield. However, these heroes – Hanzo, Cassidy, Junkrat, Doomfist, and Zarya – have proven time and again to be the best counters against her in VTBET Overwatch 2. Whether it’s the precision of Hanzo’s arrows, the rapid damage from Cassidy, the explosive chaos caused by Junkrat, the unstoppable force of Doomfist, or the unexpected threat posed by Zarya, these heroes can make your battles against Orisa a breeze. Choose your hero wisely, and lead your team to victory!